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Explode Arena
Welcome to explode arena, one of the most deadliest arenas around on Nokia Game Planet. In this game you must be careful, since every move can be your last one…
FiFa 07 advanced 3D
Fifa 07 Advanced 3D is one of the greatest 3D games available for symbian 60 nokia phones. Enjoy playing soccer with one of your most favourite soccer teams ever!
Worms World Party
Worms World Party is a nokia conversion for one of the most nostalgic and popular PC games ever made: worms world party, try to kill your oponents worms before he kills yous…
Star Craft Ghost
this nokia software game is one of the best games seen so far, stunning graphics and a kick ass gameplay can make you ruler of the mini universe on your Nokia, this is starcraft for nokia
Chord Maestro
Chord Maestro is the perfect companion for all people who like to play fretted instruments like the guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, etc. Chord Maestro can find a large variety of chords for a large group of instruments. It can be used for learning chords, writing songs, looking up those more exotic chords, training the ear, and many more things. And best of all it runs on your mobile ph
Eggstreme is an addictive puzzle game for Nokia. Your country is invaded by the Eggatrons and its your turn to restore the peace and destroy all Eggatrons. Funny, simple, and addicting game. you will like this nokia software for sure!
Frozen Bubble 0.93
Frozen bubble is the mobile nokia variant of the immense popular puzzle bobble game, try to shoot a ball to a row of balls with the same color to get to the next level, hurry before the roof crashes on your head!
Brains Theft
This usefull nokia software tool might help you to recover your stolen nokia, from the moment a new SIM card is entered in the phone, the phone will send you an SMS with the phonenumber of the thief, it will show a message on the screen " this phone has been stolen " This appliation might hang your Nokia n70, n72, 90
HandyZip is a handy zip tool for Nokia phones, so if you receive a Zip file on your nokia, you will finally be able to open it without having to wait untill you arrive home first… once you use it you never want to miss this nokia software again!
SMSface 2.0
SMSface shows the pictures of your buddies next to their SMS messages. So whenever you receive a new SMS message on your nokia, you will see who has submitted it to you
Realplayer is the wellknown mediaplayer rebuild to play music and video, now available as nokia software download
UltraMP3 Nokia Software is not only an MP3 player for you Nokia phone, it also plays MOD, XM, IT, S3M and OGG files, it has a custom playlist editor and it is even shipped with different skins. If you want you can also easily create your own UltraMP3 skin
Exovirus Stop
Exovirus Stop is Nokia Software which protects your Nokia from all kinds of different mobile virusses and troyans
Egg Timer
Nokia Egg Timer
Parking Buddy
Nokia Parking Buddy
Poker Clock
Poker Clock for Nokia S60
Random Equal Nokia Braintrainer
Random Equal Nokia Braintrainer
3D Minigolf Nokia S60
3D Minigolf for Nokia S60
Capsule SE
Capsule SE Nokia S60 Game
Dark Kioko
Dark Kioko Nokia Pinball game
A Bad Day in Space
A Bad Day in Space
Capjong Nokia S60 game
Alien Pinball for nokia S60
Alien Pinball for Nokia
Williams F1 Pinball
Williams F1 Pinball
Total Air Mayhem 1942
Total Air Mayhem 1942
3D Sudoku
Nokia S60 3D Sudoku
Soccer Pinball 3
Soccer Pinball Nokia S60 3rd edit
Soccer Pinball 1 2
Soccer Pinball Nokia S60 1st and 2nd edit


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